Recycling Computers

New Life Computer Recycling accepts unwanted and broken computers for recycling.  We break down the old PC's into their four basic components and recycle accordingly.

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Refurbished Computers

New Life Computer Recycling refurbishes all donated computers that still have supported life expectancy for resale to the public.

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Used Legacy Parts

Once we open our retail space we expect to stock a full line of used repair and upgrade parts.

Good parts removed from unrepairable PC's will be cleaned up, tested and packaged for resale to the public.

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Our Message

New Life Computer Recycling was formed as a Non-Profit corporation for the purpose of providing Computer E-Waste Recycling, Refurbished Computers & Computer related services to the people of North Alabama.

As an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) we have the unique ability to provide a tax incentive to the general public and local businesses for the donation of their used and unwanted computer equipment.

After the donated computers are tested they will be sent to the "Breakdown" area where they will be disassembled into their four basic components (metal, glass, plastic and PCB's).  If the computers pass the "Power On Boot Test" they will be sent to our "Refurbish & Reload" area where they will be cleaned up, reconfigured and the hard disk drives will be "Data Bleached" before they are reloaded with a fresh OS and then resold.

Also, as a part of the services, we offer the public free of charge and maybe the most important one is our "Data Bleaching" service.  In an effort to protect our client's private data we use software that meets or exceeds DoD 5220.22-M standards for data cleaning.  The "Data Bleaching" service is offered to the public free of charge whether or not you are making a donation, although we do accept donations to offset our overhead costs.


Next Steps...

If you have old Computer or Computer Peripherals that you don't know how to dispose of properly just get in touch with us....We can help.