Our Approach

New Life Computer Recycling has developed a new approach to Computer E-Waste Recycling.  We became a 501(c)(3) in order to give tax incentives to the public and local businesses for recycling their old computers and peripherals.

Mission Statement

It is our hope to help provide a cleaner and brighter future for our children and our children's children by helping to reduce the impact of our everyday technology on our landfills and we hope to do this by offering technology recycling services to the public.

We will offer our recycling services to the public free of charge and provide tax incentives for their efforts in recycling their used computers and computer peripherals.

Meet the Leaders


Tim Williams

Director & Lead Engineer

Tim has 25 years IT and Managed Information Systems experience in the Huntsville and North Alabama area.  Tim is a Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.


Tina Williams

Office Manager

Tina work with the company's accounts and logistics.


Future Tech

Future Tech

Our Board of Directors

Tim Williams Jr,  Chairman of the Board, 801 Jordan Lane NW, Huntsville, AL  35816

Tim Williams Sr, Board Member, 10181 Long Meadow Drive, Madison, AL 35756

Cliff Kerry Jr Esq, Board Member, 4411 Millvale Drive SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

John G. Gilbert, Board Member, 115 High Road, Madison, AL 35758

William Davis Jr, Board Member, 1400 New Hope Road, Boaz, AL 35957